Property Transactions in Central Java Projected to Increase in 2020

News, 08/01/2020

Property Transactions in Central Java Projected to Increase in 2020

A number of property agents in Central Java (Central Java) are optimistic that the property business will be more excited in 2020.
The Indonesian Brokers Real Estate Association (AREBI) of Central Java projects that this year there will be an increase in sales compared to 2019. More and more industries are entering the Central Java area, potentially providing fresh air for the development of the property market. DPD AREBI Chairman of Central Java Winasis MS revealed the industry in Central Java plays an important role in the property business opportunity.
This is due to several factors namely the relatively cheaper land prices, the still low Regional Minimum Wage (UMR) in Central Java and a conducive investment climate. "So this is an opportunity that we can take to be able to increase property transactions in Central Java. Then we will continue to provide quality services to customers to become more professional," explained Winasis on the sidelines of the Central Java Regional Representative Council Regional Office in Semarang, Thursday (16/01 / 2020).

Winasis said, the growing public trust in the existence of services to meet the needs of the property, the number of members of AREBI Central Java continues to grow. In 2019, the total number of property agents joining the office was 43, while in 2020 there were 3 more offices. Thus, there are a total of 46 property agent offices spread across Central Java.
Even in Semarang, there are 28 property agent offices. Therefore, Winasis is optimistic that property agents will be increasingly needed and recognized by the community. A similar sentiment was also expressed by AREBI Chair Luke Bong. According to him, the industrial contribution in Central Java is very large for the developers. In addition, such massive infrastructure development such as the Trans Java Toll Road that crosses Central Java is very supportive for foreign investors to enter this region. "This is an opportunity that developers must capture. We are optimistic that in 2020 this year the property will rise again," he concluded.

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