Variety of "Coworking Space" Design, as comfortable as at home

News, 17/01/2020

Variety of "Coworking Space" Design, as comfortable as at home

The current digital era offers convenience in a variety of affairs, including in terms of work. If in the past every person had to come to the office to work, now there are many jobs that allow employees to work anywhere. All communications regarding work can also be done easily via the instant messaging application or email. This is what later became the trigger for the number of freelance workers in various parts of the world continues to increase. This modern work culture makes the need for work space increases. Not only comfort, workers also look for rooms with attractive designs to spark creativity and an adequate wifi network. This facility is then realized in the concept of coworking space.

1. Apart from the Rigid Element of the Office Building

Cloud Room is a collaborative work or product of Graham Baba Architects and Brian Paquette Interiors based in Seattle City, Washington, United States. Both intend to create a coworking space or work space that is unique and new. Even though this place is an office for working people, Cloud Room will not feel boring or seem stiff like an old style workspace.

2. Having complete facilities

Coworking space is located on the 6th floor of a building called Chophouse Row. Has a total area of ​​more than 5,000 feet or about 1524 meters. The Cloud Room has a large work area and is filled with a series of tables and chairs, a lounge, conference room with glass, and a telephone room. This office carries the concept of a pleasant workplace and is equipped with all types of space for a variety of work matters. There are also relaxing areas such as a lounge with sofas and chairs, a bar area and a terrace. Although there is plenty of space available to work independently, the Cloud Room is also designed to make it easier for workers to connect with others when they need teamwork or collaboration.

3. Mini Library for Finding Ideas

Cloud Room is also equipped with bookshelves containing various book collections. This tall bookshelf is also equipped with the presence of a soft sofa that provides comfort like being in a private library. If users are bored with their work, they can also walk around looking at books to find ideas.

4. Material Exposure on the Interior

The most distinctive feature of industrial design is the display of exposed materials such as brick, concrete, wood, or cement floors. This exposed material is often the focal point that is the main attraction of the room. This material is not only used in buildings, but also in furniture.

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