This is the latest news from The Residences Apartments at The St Regis Jakarta

News, 08/01/2020

This is the latest news from The Residences Apartments at The St Regis Jakarta

Long-time no news, finally got the chance to see firsthand the development of the construction of The Residence at The St. Regis Jakarta. Not without reason. When the apartment was announced to the public by the developer, Rajawali Property Group, in 2016, staying was predicted as the most luxurious in the entire capital city. How are you now? From the observation of, the vertical residential construction process has reached 41 floors out of a total of 62 floors. In addition, glass facades and aluminum panels have been gradually installed with floor conditions 1-17 including the lower zone entering the final stage (finishing). Also read: Finally, The St Regis Jakarta Shifts to Brass While, installation of other components such as marble floors, kitchen cabinets, bathtubs, and wardrobes is still ongoing. Manager of Sales and Marketing Rajawali Property Group Yuliani Sunarto said, The Residence at The St. Regis Jakarta included 195 typical three-bedroom units. Each unit is designed with an area of ​​between 355 square meters to 373 square meters.

This apartment is marketed with prices starting from Rp. 65 million per square meter or around Rp. 25 billion per unit. Yuliani revealed, so far around 80 units or more than 50 percent have been sold. The Residences at The St. Regis Jakarta is part of the Rajawali Place multifunction project. This building will also be connected to the St Regis Hotel Jakarta, which is in one complex.

"Connect with the hotel, so that later owners can enjoy the facilities at the hotel," he said. In addition, there is also an office building that will be used as the headquarter of the Rajawali Group. reported on February 4, 2016, that construction of the building was targeted to be completed by the end of 2019. However, the target did not appear to be realized, because physical work was still incomplete. Rajawali Property Group then set a new target that is completed in April 2020 and the handover in stages in mid-2021. Read also: Rajawali Property Presents Occupancy of Rp 23 Billion in Kuningan Area "There used to be a process to seek financing. And actually it was not delayed, indeed inset in 2021, "he said. The interior of the building was designed by British and US architectural consultants in collaboration with landscape designer Bill Bensley. Yuliani said every corner of the room was designed with a resort-style green concept. "So, even though it is located in the middle of the frenetic Kuningan city of Jakarta, we want to make the residents feel like home with a resort-style green atmosphere," added Yuliani. To that end, the developer also conserves reservoirs by strengthening the foundation structure and eliminating odors. The existence of this reservoir is also expected to prevent flooding. Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Rajawali Property Group Swanny Hendrarta added, The Residence at The St. Regis Jakarta has several unique points. "Among these are panoramas of the city of Jakarta, strategic locations, and flood-free as a result of our efforts to maintain reservoirs," complete Swanny.

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